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About me

Hi! I am Max and I’ve always had a love for traveling, since my family took me on a trip to London when I was about 8. I grew up in Northern Germany and as a teenager I had the opportunity to participate in several high school exchange programs that took me to France and Alaska sparking my curiosity about traveling even more.

At the age of 20, I decided to do an internship at a newspaper in Quito, Ecuador which helped improve my Spanish and also discover my fascination about Latin America. I enjoyed living in South America so much that I decided to study Business Administration at an Ecuadorian university (and ended up with a double degree program in cooperation with a German university where I ultimately obtained my degree in International Management).

After almost 4 years in Ecuador, I started my corporate career in sunny Miami, often considered the most Latin American metropolis among US American cities. I was even fortunate enough to continue working for the Latin American market (and in Spanish, a language that has truly become one of my passions in life – along with good coffee and traveling of course).

Because of its strategic geographical location, I was able to explore lots of Latin America and the Caribbean while being based in South Florida.

Later on during my corporate career, I had the opportunity to work for about two years out of Madrid, supporting the European market of the company I was working for.

In 2022, after almost 12 years in the corporate world, I decided to fully focus on my passion for exploring new countries and cultures, hoping to inspire other fellow travelers and also to provide helpful tips and insights to those currently preparing for their next adventure.

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