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What to see and do in Oaxaca in one weekend


I have always been curious about visiting Oaxaca and I was certainly not disappointed. Here are some suggestions about what to see and do in Oaxaca in one weekend:


I recommend taking a shared shuttle which is only 105 Mexican pesos (about 5 USD) with the convenience of getting dropped off directly at your hotel or apartment. The ride takes approximately 30min (a little more when there is traffic) and you can purchase your ticket directly at a designated counter in the arrivals hall (they do accept credit cards).

B43EA4F4-A75F-4D2D-88BC-BC3A4014B080-e1676383845728.jpg Colorful buildings all around


I recommend staying in the city center (Centro) since that is where most of the art galleries are, as well as countless restaurants and bars. Some guides also recommend the Reforma neighborhood as it has lots of restaurants as well. Personally, however, I found el Centro to be more charming and most likely you will spend most of your time in that area anyway.


I decided to check out the Mercado de la Merced which is a typical produce market with many different food stalls, one of them Fonda Florecita. They serve many traditional dishes at a very affordable cost. Definitely try their Atole con Chocolate, a popular bubbly hot beverage made of corn flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, milk and chocolate – delicious!

IMG_0368-scaled-e1675395579500.jpg Salsa de queso with chocolate atole


If you are into art, then you should check out Espacio Zapata – a gallery focused on graphic art with different exhibitions and also concerts.

Another activity you should not miss is to try out one of the many mezcalerias. There you can learn more about how mezcal (a distilled agave drink – strong!) is produced along with the respective tasting (being Mezcaloteca one of the most famous ones).

For nice views over the city and also to visit ancient Zapotec ruins you should definitely consider visiting Monte Alban which is just a 20min ride away.

Among the options for specialty coffee, I can recommend Cafebre, Muss Cafe and Boulenc (the latter also for pastries).

IMG_0404-scaled-e1676383882804.jpg Oaxaca Te Amo restaurant/bar


To unwind after a long day (or to get started for Oaxaca’s nightlife), I recommend visiting one of the many rooftop bars that can be found throughout the city.

Because of its sunny climate, enjoying a nice sunset will almost be guaranteed in Oaxaca.

I went to one called Oaxaca Te Amo, which is on Calle de Manuel Garcia Vigil, not far from Plaza Santo Domingo.

Drinks and snacks are reasonably priced and you get a nice view.

C40BE6CB-8669-46D5-BAB6-99A617FD6031-scaled-e1676383913692.jpg View from rooftop

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