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Specialty Coffee in Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca, Ecuador - Specialty Coffee


If you spend a few days in Cuenca and would like to try good specialty coffee, I can recommend the following options considering that most cafes in the city center just serve standard (non-specialty) coffee.

Slow Brew Coffee Shop

This is my favorite! Coffee is very flavorful and staff has lots of knowledge regarding the coffee they are brewing and serving. Another plus are the delicious homemade deserts (try the Crème Brûlée). You can find both indoor and outdoor seating (both suitable for laptop usage, if needed).


Coffee Cor

This specialty coffee shop certainly did not disappoint. They serve a variety of flavored coffee (for example Tonka Cappuccino made with syrup from Tonka Beans that are native to Northern South America and that have a slightly nutty vanilla flavor with hints of sweet spice). Coffee Cor’s baristas are also extremely knowledgeable about any of their products.

IMG_0866-scaled-e1683036132739.jpg Tonka Cappuccino at Coffee Cor

Sinfonía Café – Tostaduría y Cafetería

This is another high quality specialty coffee shop in Cuenca. Apart from good coffee, I liked the somewhat minimalist wooden design. And as Slow Brew and Coffee Cor, it is also just a few minutes away from the historic city center.

IMG_0884-scaled-e1683036773679.jpg Flat White at Sinfonia Café


Café de la Sucre

Although they are not serving any specialty coffee, but rather traditional coffee (in my opinion), I still recommend to check out Café de la Sucre because of its cozy setting in an old colonial indoor patio. It is the perfect spot for a quick break in between sightseeing (or to write on your travel blog like I did). No credit cards accepted.

IMG_5213-scaled.jpg Café de la Sucre

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