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If you spend some time in Guatemala City I highly recommend you try out some of the specialty coffee options across the city.

Coffee District Guatemala

I really liked Coffee District Guatemala, not only because of its good quality but also because of his nice location right within in zona 4 which has become one of the trendy hipster neighborhoods of the capital. You can enjoy your coffee on a beautiful terrace with nice views over the neighborhood and if the skies are clear you can even see the mountains on the horizons.


El Injerto Café

Another good option is El Injerto Café in zona 13 behind the airport just a few meters from Avenida Las Americas, a wide avenue with a beautiful park in between lanes, that leads up to Plaza Obelisco. If you are staying in zone 10 you could easily walk to the coffee shop. You can also take a scooter (which is what I did).

IMG_1405-e1677165100100.jpg Flat White with rum pastry

El Injerto Café not only offers high quality coffee but also nice pastries (I tried the one with rum – delicious). If you would like to dive in further into the world of specialty coffee you can also take one of their barista courses – they have their own coffee school right there.



In Antigua you can find many coffee places and there is even a Starbucks in a colonial setting.

As far as independently owned specialty coffee shops are concerned I can recommend: Fat Cat Coffee House and the more elegant Artista de Café.

Fat Cat Coffee House

The cafe is very centrally located (just one block from Parque Central) and feels very casual. The baristas were extremely friendly and the coffee was delicious. I ordered mine to go as I had to catch a shuttle back to Guatemala City shortly after. I am glad I made this little pit stop.



Artista de Café

This modern coffee shop is about three blocks south of Parque Central. It offers a very cozy and bright setting to enjoy your cup of high quality specialty coffee.

Prices are on the upper end but well worth the taste and atmosphere. Artista de café also offers plenty of pastries and there is even a little backyard with beautiful outdoor seating.


Flat White


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